Clitoraid – Adopt a Clitoris today!


In what can inarguably be considered abominably degrading treatment of women, Female Genital Mutilation continues to make headlines around the world, now more than ever.

Six years ago, virtually nobody either side of Suez was reading/writing/talking about the ramifications of this deadly ceremony. While still in Junior High, I remember reading a book I’ve discussed at length in another post here (If you get queasy reading this, Don’t). This terrifying procedure surpassed any barbaric activity I’d ever perused (only second, in my mind, to being quartered). It was at this time I decided to blog about this primitive, inhuman ritual.

I have since received a seriously mind-boggling number of responses from netizens around the world. Today, my post remains, evidently, one of the most exhaustive sources of erudition on the subject (and this exultation is at the behest of folks reading here) – which is surprising in this age of information overload.

If you’re new to the subject, you might want to Google for FGM to educate yourself about this fiendishly diabolical convention. But today is about telling you a different story.

This one embodies hope and perhaps retribution for millions of women who have undergone the mutilation of what is considered the source of life in many cultures.

With one of the lowest per capita incomes around the world ($1200) – it ranks as the 27th poorest nation on earth. Life expectancy in this nation is a little under 50 years, the median age across the country resting under 17. With 50% of its population followers of Islam, Burkina Faso is the El-Arm-Pitto of Africa.

Surrounded by six countries, this landlocked nation situated in West Africa is a hotbed for mutilation of the female genitalia with a staggering 77% of women living there forming its morbid statistic. Over half the girls in Burkina Faso are circumcised before their fourth birthday.

FGM is a crude procedure that involves cutting of the clitoris with the assistance of crude instruments such as rusty blades, knives, broken bottle tops or any object sharp enough to cut through the labia. Reasons for FGM pre-date Islam but it’s a ritual that was embraced as a form of purification for women followers of Islam. Not surprising then that approximately 150 million women in the Middle East and Africa have been victims of this fiercely brutal and vulgar religious/ethnic ordinance.

The ‘Pleasure Hospital’ aims to remedy this. The hospital is a Raelian initiative that is being driven by Clitoraid – a private non-profit organisation that aims to sponsor surgeries; involving doctors and surgeons from around the world who will re-build the clitoris wall for women that have been infibulated.

To rebuild the female clitoris, a local anaesthetic is applied so no pain is experienced when the surgeon uncovers the root of the original clitoris left after the excision. This root and tissues will become the new clitoris. The procedure takes 6 weeks for a woman to completely heal, with sexual pleasure and genetic normality being the end result.

The Pleasure Hospital aims to reach out to as many poverty stricken infibulated African women, free of charge. And that’s where you and I can help make a difference.

By adopting a Clitoris today, you can help rebuild the dignity and wholesomeness of mind, body and spirit that has eluded these hapless women for generations.

For more information, please please please visit

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~ by alternativefrock on February 23, 2008.

One Response to “Clitoraid – Adopt a Clitoris today!”

  1. Oh Fork,
    I can almost feel the pain and the anguish these women must be going thru. No wonder a noble soul like you bought to fore. And I did go thru the site. And wil do what I can to help no matter how insignificant my help may be.
    Thanks for sharing and stay blessed.

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